About Us

Non-Toxic Skincare

Quality Ingredients and Safe Formulations

We love to Create Products that are Clean, Gentle and Effective. We check number of samples and their ingredients before we finalize our new product. We keep our Formulations away from harsh chemicals. We consciously check each and every ingredient to make sure the product is safe for all.


At LEVLENT, several steps are taken before the final launch of a product such as Research, Sampling, Testing and Product Approval is done before it gets launched on our website.
We personally test each and every sample
to make sure the product gets ready the right way.


We stay honest while formulating the product. Our products are:
Sulphate free
Paraben free
Harsh chemicals free
Mineral oil free
Silicone free
Cruelty free
We welcome your suggestions
We at every step try our best to maintain the quality and efficacy of a product.
We welcome your suggestions and what you need as a customer. We will try our best to fulfill your needs.